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16 February - 17 March 2024

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Love Addict

Fri, 16 Feb - Sun, 18 Feb

Comedian Te Rina Taite is single, and should have given up on love a long time ago. But friends, family and predictable romcoms do nothing but to feed the addiction. Lost in the world of Hinge, NMER, and wondering why you or your friend is single, with no holds barred let Te Rina tell you exactly with the problem with you, them and modern love is! 

Start your Adelaide Fringe festival off right with this hour of laughs, honesty and fun. Shows are 6pm on 16th and 17th and a special show 1.30pm on the 18th February, 2024. R18 recommended, course language occassional, sexual references, just like dating really. 

Timberlina & Friends - CANCELLED

Fri, 16 Feb - Sun, 18 Feb


Experience some of the most talented and stunningly beautiful performers in the business, bringing you a night of non-stop laughter, music, and dancing.


From the moment the curtains open, you'll be transported to a world of fantasy and excitement, as Timberlina and Friends dazzle you with extravagant costumes, mesmerizing dance routines, and hilarious comedy skits.


Whether you're a fan of classic show tunes or modern pop hits, you'll love this repertoire spanning all genres and eras.

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Tori Crisp - Flying Solo

Fri, 16 Feb - Sat, 24 Feb

Tori delves deep into the psyche behind a particularly strange attraction and attempts to come to terms with a more conventional one: men. 

Using her quick wit and unique perspective, Tori turns traditional tales of woe into thigh-slapping, pee-in-your-pants comedy.


Get ready to take off on this hilarious journey as Tori explores the comical turbulence of balancing her heart between wings and romance. 


Don't miss this show audiences have called "absolutely exceptional" and "amazing" from a "mechanophile at large".

New Beginnings

Fri, 16 Feb - Sun, 18 Feb

Premiering at Adelaide Fringe 2024, Madam Nightingale’s exciting collaboration with Cloutie Will ‘New Beginnings’ is a gripping musical performance including spoken word and interpretive dance, elegantly storytelling what it means to be human. Cloutie Will (emerging rap artist, Sarah Dwyer) expresses the full range of emotions as a "fallen woman" seeking a personal path to redemption. Madam Nightingale (synthpop artist, Phaedra Gunn) sends the joy of art from the celestial world of the ether back unto the earth as Cloutie’s personal goddess of song. Cloutie Will and Madam Nightingale perform a transcendent contemporary rap and 80s influenced synthpop show that's not to be missed.
"Nominated for the Newcastle Fringe Artistic Merit award 2023" Newcastle Herald.



Fri, 16 Feb - Thu, 29 Feb

Performing hilarious, improvised games like you'd see on 'Whose Line is It Anyway?' Maestro pits Adelaide's funniest and brightest improvisers against each other in a winner-takes-all battle for glory. You choose who survives! With everything made up on the spot, Maestro is an unscripted, wild ride from start to finish.

★★★★ "The enthusiasm from all on stage is contagious... an experience not to be missed" The Advertiser 2022

★★★★½ "Riotous laughs... all without a script" Kryztoff RAW.

SOLD OUT 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2022!

Maestro Impro™ is created (©) by Keith Johnstone (Keith Johnstone Workshops) registered in the USA, Canada and other countries. All Rights Reserved. Production rights are exclusively managed by International Theatresports™ Insititute:

Best of Adelaide Fringe: Clean Pick of The Fringe

Sat, 17 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

The Best of Adelaide Fringe International and Late shows have been sell-out hits at the Fringe for over 11 years, featuring the best in international and Aussie stand-up Comedy.

And now this new clean version has arrived - with all of the top-notch comedians, jokes and laughs that you'd expect - just without the rude bits!

It's exactly the same as the later night versions,  just without the swear words and naughty material!

(And there's a swear jar on stage, just in case the comedians mess up!)

★★★★★ Cream of the Fringe, UK.

★★★★ Three Weeks, Edinburgh.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Scottish Comedy Awards 2017 

"A mesmerising dreamlike storyteller, that captured our hearts with his inspirational narratives." ****1/2 Glam Adelaide 2022 

"It’s easy to see how Kopfstein has been a sell-out at previous Fringe shows and across the globe." **** Upside Adelaide 2022 

"A spellbinding show... fun, freaky, and family friendly!"

**** The Advertiser 2021. 

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Science Magic: Crazy Gadgets

Sat, 17 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

Donal Vaughan is coming back to FRINGE WORLD with a new show from last year. Science Magic: Crazy Gadgets has a cool bunch of fun gadgets from potato guns to giant smoke cannons. Always exciting and sometimes very messy, learn about science and laugh your pants off while you do. And the best part is all the tricks can be performed by you when you go home.

★★★★★ “This show is a must-see for kids who love science and mess, & a must-see for kids who think science is boring – Donal will prove them wrong.” - Claire Davill, Play & Go Adelaide, 2023

★★★★★ "Completely engaging with belly laughs included, it’s an unmissable show" The Advertiser, 2020

★★★★ “Refreshing to see great stunts and to hear about the science of how they work.” - Clayton Werner, The Clothesline, 2023

Eric Tinker is More Experienced

18 Feb

Are you Ericsperienced? Eric Tinker, quipster and strummer, returns for his fifth Adelaide Fringe show with more kooky songs, jokes and banter. He is aided and abetted by his talented and witty pals in a variety show format. Eric has performed at clubs, pubs and festivals around Australia and in his native England.

"His songs, like Philosophy, are brilliant, dripping with double entendres and fantasy.” The Barefoot Review, 2019.

“Eric Tinker is blessed with a keen sense of the ridiculous.” The Clothesline.

"Eric's show is really bloody weird and so much fun." Kate Rudge, Bris Funny Fest director.

"Tinker’s humour is more unusual than most - a unique brew of nerdy observation and looney lateral thinking." The Barefoot Review, 2020

Chronically ill prepared.jpeg

Chronically Ill-Prepared

Sun, 18 Feb - Wed, 21 Feb

Step into the world of being Chronically Ill-Prepared.  A talented troupe of emerging SA performers bring their lived experience of disability and chronic illness to the stage in an improvised theatre/comedy production. As an improvised show, the content is unscripted and the performances are created on the spot, using suggestions from the audience. 

Our audience will see how diverse experiences can be incorporated into an inclusive performance to create engaging, informative and entertaining stories.

Whether you're here to learn, to laugh, or to find solidarity, Chronically Ill-Prepared is a journey through the human experience that you won't want to miss.



Wed, 21 Feb - Sun, 25 Feb

The end times are approaching, apocalypse-preparation-exhaustion has set in but two estranged brothers see a goldmine in misery: selling climate-change bunkers door-to-door to desperate people. You know, like bunkers were all the rage at the time of the atom bomb? As the final days approach, we meet our brothers spruiking their wares. Explore just what your cash can get you - boxes of beans, water, maybe a toilet if you are lucky. If the apocalypse doesn't kill you, assembling your ikea bed will. 10 Cloverfield Lane meets Glengarry Glenross meets Death of a Salesman meets The Road, but funny. Minions, madness, and music from the people who brought you Everything they Ever Said with Fingers Crossed Behind their Backs (Dream BIG) and One Day He Changed (Fringe).


Extra Curricular

Thu, 22 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

Score a lesson in hilarity with former teachers turned cabaret duo Libby & Matt (and Staff Band) as they school you on everything from staff meetings, parent teacher interviews & Sports Day. Returning to Fringe after a sell-out run in 2023, the duo make use of their combined four decades in education: nothing is off limits and everything is delivered with hilarity and song. Ditch your marking and join the most hilarious professional development session you never knew you needed. 

PD certificates provided*

*may not actually count for teacher registration hours.

From the award-winning team who brought you ‘Endo Days’

“Fringe cabaret at its absolute best" ★★★★★ Kids in Adelaide, “A must-see” ★★★★☆ Glam Adelaide, “Wildly relatable” ★★★★ HiFi Way

Rated MA15+ (not suitable for children)


Thu, 22 Feb - Sat, 02 Mar

hi I'm Nate and I'm friends with a guy called Eddie and we reckon it would be wicked if someone had sex with him? so if you can come to this and see him, maybe you'll want to? and we'll do stuff to like make you want to do it, and if you don't want to that's fine too. but it would be heaps sick if you did. No pressure obviously, but there's propbal

Also prompt creative said we could do it there

Ok I think that's everythig. oh wait the address for prompt is shop 8/205 pirie st, adelaide

thanks! see you there!



Dropped In It

Fri, 23 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

The lead actor is late, they haven't learnt their lines, but the show must go on!

Triumphantly returning after drawing record crowds in 2023, Adelaide's improv darlings, Tenuous Link (★★★★★ Kids In Adelaide, ★★★★★ All Over Adelaide, ★★★★ The Advertiser) present their most loved creation: Dropped in it!

Each night, in a brand new improvised comedy, a guest star will be locked in a soundproof booth, only to return as the main character midway into a show they know nothing about. 

“Ridiculously funny” Glam Adelaide. “Nothing short of incredible” Kids In Adelaide. "It’s cheesy, it’s clever, it’s a whole lot of fun” The Advertiser.

Past guests include Damian Callinan (The Merger, Skit House), Dan Ilic (A Rational Fear) and The Burton Brothers (Snake Oil, Las Vegas Residency).

About Cheese

Sun, 25 Feb - Wed, 28 Feb

About Cheese is a musical homage to fromage. Adelaide’s own Pearl Tizzie celebrates all things cheese through music. Prepare your taste buds for a deliciously cheesy adventure, a delectable show like no other debuting for the first time at Adelaide Fringe 2024.

Back from a sold-out 2023 Adelaide Fringe with The Backyarders and performances in shows such as 'Sinful' and 'A Night to Baquette', Pearl dedicates creamy parodies, medleys and original songs, all to this lactic indulgence. Be prepared for piano, accordion, and puns.

No such thing as too much cheese? Have you ever intentionally evoked cheese dreams? Do you pay the cheese tax? Have a strong position on blue? If so, this show is for you.

Take a slice and surround yourself with this delicacy. Warning: Contains dairy.


Mudbrick - Home of the BIG Shed

Tue, 27 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

In a quality of life survey Australia dropped 30 places (below the UK!!). The problem: A town called Mudbrick. Barb Chernobyl & Pearl Harbour are bringing down some Mudbrickians to visit Adelaide and dispel any rumours you may have heard about Mudbrick bombing the neighbouring town of Knees. These rumours are unsubstantiated. Please don’t google them. 

By attending this event you are waiving your basic human rights. The Australian Guvment is in no way responsible for what may happen to you upon attendance. Exposure to the people of Mudbrick may result in headaches, nausea, increased uranium levels, & FUN FUN FUN.

Created by award-winning storyteller Nate Troisi & the KINDRED Collective. If you like Welcome to Whoop Whoop, Deadloch, & very weird comedy. 

★★★★★ "BONZA" The Mudbrickian.


Sat, 02 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

Uma has a problem — everything she eats makes her sick, but don’t worry, it’s TOTALLY FINE! She can still eat your birthday cake if you pick out the nuts — you know how to use an EpiPen, right?!

After her diagnosis with Crohn’s disease, opera singer and theatre kid Uma is forced to confront her obsessions with chocolate and popcorn, the difficulties of explaining your allergies at dinner parties, and how to navigate the dating world without having an allergic reaction to semen (yes, really).

With original songs, musical theatre favourites and opera parodies, join Uma on a romp through denial and ultimate acceptance of her body’s allergies and intolerances, and learn how you too could become a little more tolerant.


Nona Mona My First Pearl Necklace

Tue, 05 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

Adelaide’s favourite award-winning buxom buffoon, Nona Mona, is back in her most ludicrous show yet! Join heiress to a tissue fortune, Zsa Zsa Achoo, in her mission to farm agile men for their fluids in a not-too-distant dystopian future, where the mega rich rule with a perfectly manicured iron fist.


This hilarious and thought-provoking one-woman show is a captivating blend of satire, social commentary, and side-splitting humour! Think ‘Black Mirror meets Monty Python’ or ‘Kim Kardashian in Squid Game” in this riotous mash up of stand up, clown, and sketch comedy. Laughter isn’t just the best medicine, it’s a revolutionary act!

Weekly Fringe Award Winner – Emerging Artist
★★★★★ “A wit so sharp, it’s almost dangerous” UPSIDE ADELAIDE
★★★★ "She has an X factor stage presence" THE ADELAIDE SHOW

Science Magic XXX

Tue, 05 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

Science! Sex! Stand-up! Triple award-winning Irish comedian and scientist, Donal Vaughan is a stand up comedian.


He also has an acclaimed sell-out science show for children. Now he’s doing an adult version of his kids shows.


Get ready for a raunchy science comedy show, strictly for adults only. Donal will perform amazing science tricks, interspersed with hilarious comedy.


Always rude and sometimes very messy, laugh your ass off and learn about science in a unique show that needs to be seen to be believed.


Nun Slut

Wed, 06 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

Join Claire Wall in the crypt of desire, between a life of monasticism and sluttery. Nun Slut is a comedy cabaret that combines the liturgical and the lewd.

Comedy. Clowning. Communion.

Bossa de Novo

Fri, 08 Mar 

Bossa Again! Soak up the seductive sounds of Rio in the Sixties.


Shelley Dunstone and her friend Enéias Raasch visiting (again) from Brazil will perform classic Bossa Nova and Brazilian popular music, plus original songs by Enéias (with lyrics in English by Shelley).


Guitar by Enéias and vocals by Shelley.

Bossa de Novo.jpeg

Glamour & Song: The Songs of Pat Carroll & Olivia Newton-John

Sat, 09 Mar

A cabaret showcasing the life of Pat Carroll and her relationship with Olivia Newton-John, all set to the chart topping music Pat's husband John Farrar wrote/produced for Olivia. It is well-know that Olivia hit the dizzying heights of stardom, but what happened to Pat?

In any other situation this story could well have ended up in acrimony and jealousy, but this charming show is all about women supporting women, and brings the story of Pat firmly back into the spotlight she has been absent from for far too long.

★★★★★ "Caddy is one of Adelaide's most experienced performers - This is a must see show" Glam Adelaide

★★★★★ "...stunning voice and stage presence." Upside Adelaide

That's NOT Amore

Sun 10 Mar - Mon 11 Mar

A feminist cabaret comedy for your heart and soul with a pinch of guilt on top. The only way Italian’s know how.

An exploration of growing up, Italian in Australia. This cabaret speaks to the complicated layers of life, generational trauma, ones worth, expectations and the value of women…

Along with the sentimental dramatic Italian heritage stories, a loud upbringing and the 'characters' that come with a big Italian family...Explore the traditions, dialects and value systems that have been frozen in time by the immigrants that ventured here from across the seas.

Mamma Mia!!!

With a soundtrack that will warm your heart and tickle your tastebuds. Carla will inspire, delight and above all wrap you up with AMORE!

★★★★★ "Superb one-woman show." The Advertiser

Photo 20-6-2023, 9 21 51 pm (2).jpg

The Sweet and Sour Hour of Power

Tue, 12 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

In pursuit of a sense of vitality while managing her depression, comedian and food enthusiast Jennifer Wong (ABC’s Chopsticks or Fork?) road-tests the latest fitness and wellbeing trends so that you don’t have to. It’s the show for anyone who’s ever been asked, “Have you tried yoga?”

As seen and heard on The Cook Up (SBS), Celebrity Letters and Numbers (SBS), Thank God It’s Friday (ABC Radio Sydney), Chat 10 Looks 3. 

★★★★½ “With disarming ease and a talent for misdirection, Wong’s routine hits comedy gold time and time again.” The Age

★★★★½ “A quick-flowing hour of self-deprecating, hilariously absurd situational stand-up. There’s something deeply moving and human beneath her non-stop humour.” InDaily

★★★★ “Jennifer Wong talks; raucous laughter ensues.” ArtsHub

Callum Straford:

Wed, 13 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

Your life is all over the place. One day it's sunny, the next day it rains. You like Mozart, but you also like Blink-182…
This a dazzling stand-up, sketch, clown and musical comedy concerto from Melbourne comedian Callum Straford. Find the joy. Find the pleasure. Embrace the mayhem. 
“Callum had the crowd eating from the palm of his hand. This was a master class in theatrical skill and sublime performance energy… Some things just can’t be taught. Callum Straford is the real deal.” Weekend Notes
“A young comedian to watch.” Theatre Travels
"Straford is a rising comedic talent with a musical repertoire that will have you guffawing in the aisles." Melbourne Observer
“You can’t go wrong with Callum’s style of comedy… [he] NAILS IT!” Tay Around Town



Thu, 14 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

Cherese is just a girl, standing in front of an orange, asking it to make out with her.

Join citric acid daredevil, Cherese Sonkkila (Fresh and Fruity, Leggywegs), for her début solo show. A comedy show that tastes like strawberries on a summer evening. 

Fruition is a silly smoothie of surreal characters, hot dance moves, and useless fruit facts. But also asks the serious question: what if all your juiciest dreams came true?

“Fun and uplifting… fantastic in its originality” The Independent Arts Journal


Sat, 16 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

A tribute to the perfectly imperfect nature of one's sense of self, ‘Chrysalis’ weaves together short, original tales performed and created by a cast of young emerging artists.

This show highlights that through embracing our individuality and working together, we can make anything happen.

The young cast have been supported by Hive Inspire Inc. and mentored by industry professionals in theatre, cabaret, music and movement to develop their very first Fringe show.

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