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Award-winning artists and rising stars share cabaret love letter to inspiring characters @ Prompt

Strong Female Character is the debut production from Adelaide brazen burlesque babe, Brandy Snap, playing for two shows only at this year’s Cabaret Fringe Festival. 


Featuring a lineup of local badass burlesque superstars, Strong Female Character will play at Prompt Creative Centre on 31 May and 1 June.  


A love letter to the women that enhance the stories we love, presented through burlesque, cabaret, and comedy, Brandy Snap (aka Amy Sincock) is making her foray into producing through this bold show. 


“Despite the misconception that a strong, female character should be brimming with muscles and masculinity (and yet somehow still require saving by the hero), I believe strength is made up of more,” Brandy says. “Come and see characters with purpose, with sass, with power, with flaws, and yes, sometimes with muscles.” 

Through over an hour of high energy entertainment, audiences can not only get to know some of fiction and history's most interesting women, but dig into the origins of the strong, female character trope, and how it became so misunderstood.  


“This show is the result of many evenings arguing with myself about whether there aren’t enough strong, female characters or whether our definition of strong just isn’t broad enough,” Brandy Snap says. “Strong Female Character is my attempt to answer that question, with the help of some of the best performers in Adelaide and beyond!” 


This fun show is guaranteed to get you laughing, fist pumping, and inspired! Come along for a cabaret show with a badass edge. 


Strong Female Character 

Presented by Brandy Snap 

31 May – 1 June at 9pm 

Prompt Creative Centre 

Tickets $35 BUY NOW

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