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Experience Eric Tinker @ Prompt this Adelaide Fringe

Eric Tinker (AKA Derek Tickner) started performing comedy six years ago, at the tender age of 61, and now he’s bringing not one, but three shows to Adelaide Fringe.

Eric Tinker is More Experienced, Funky Fresh Musical Improv and Adelaide vs the World – The Clash of the Comics are playing across two venues this festival including one show at Prompt Creative.

Offstage Eric is a freelance cartographer, writer and photographer but onstage he is a musical comedian and these three shows show off the talents of him and a few of his mates.

Eric Tinker is More Experienced builds on my previous five Fringe shows and has added visuals,” he says. “There will be some new songs and some old favourites, like ‘MC Boomer’ and ‘Cow Meditation’, as well as new stand up jokes and riffs. And I’ll be unleashing some visual gags on a screen. Each show will have a guest spot, featuring a fellow musical comedian.”

Funky Fresh Musical Improv, playing at Griffins Head are a troupe of singing improvisers who are ready to do the audience’s bidding in a raucous, unpredictable comic adventure.

“Our talented keyboard player steers the cast through improvised adventures. Do you want a pirate adventure on the planet Venus? A romantic drama set in the past? A movie mashup, like Shrek on the Titanic? You choose the subjects and titles and we’ll perform and sing about your suggestion to live music!” Eric says.

Adelaide vs the World – The Clash of the Comics also playing at Griffins Head is a comedy game show that pits Adelaide’s finest jesters against interstate and international comics with MC Eric Tinker endeavouring to keep order.

“They will perform stand up spots, team games and team challenges,” he says. “You, the audience, help decide which is the funniest team and can score points too. This show was a big success at last year’s Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringes. Can Adelaide again prove it can take on the world?”

Eric Tinker is More Experienced is on 18th February at 6.15pm (family friendly show) at Prompt Creative Centre, 8/208 Pirie St. Grab your tickets HERE

Adelaide vs The World is on for five shows at 7.15pm from 20th to the 24th February at The Griffins Hotel. Grab your tickets HERE

Funky Fresh Musical Improv is on three shows at 8.30pm from 22nd to the 24th February at The Griffins Hotel. Grab your tickets HERE

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