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Improv Open Mic @ Prompt

Have you ever wanted to improvise a scene on stage with no stakes, no pressure and no need to organise your own show?

Impro Open Mic gives anyone who wants to try their hand at improvising the opportunity! It's an incredible chance to see what being on stage in an improv show is all about, and to perform with the talented performers from On the Fly!

Your friendly MC will take your name before the start of the show, call you up in a group of other performers, and guide you through your choice of scenes, games, or even a short narrative set of scenes. If you've ever been to one of On the Fly's Open Impro Jams, this event will be very similar - except it'll be on a stage and with a bar.

So what are you waiting for? See you at Impro Open Mic Night!

22 June

24 August

19 October

Tickets HERE

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