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Take your creative career to the next level! Applications close this week

Applications close this week for the program that will vault your creative business into your very bright future!

Vaulting Ambitions is an incubator program for creatives, which teaches you the business side of your craft in a supportive, dynamic environment so you can take your creative practice to the next level.

The program, which is free of charge, is a Creative City Cultural Strategic Partnership between Adelaide arts professionals Expressions Media and City of Adelaide.

Through a program running from the start of May through to early September, you will experience workshops, masterclasses, panel sessions, tailored mentoring, showcases, networking, regular check-ins and goal setting, and guidance by industry experts, as well as access to a space where you will be among like-minded creatives.

Vaulting Ambitions supports creatives to thrive and take their business to the next level by teaching and enhancing the ‘behind the scenes’ side of their craft.

Participants build on their ideas and projects in consultation with creative professionals, Expressions Media and build a strategy for the future of their career as an artist.

The program will suit artists across any arts discipline who want to develop a sustainable career from their creativity. You just need an idea to start! Applications close at 11:59pm on Sunday 2 April.

Apply here.

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