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Tissues, dystopia, hilarity and farming men for their seed: Nona Mona creates chaos @ Prompt

Adelaide’s most glamorous clown is back with a brand new show, and this time she’s got her sights set on men.


Nona Mona, the award-winning, hot mess has created a brand new show and it is her most adventurous yet.


From Hot Mess (2022, winner of Fringe Weekly Emerging Artist Award), to Hot Spinster (2023, 5 star reviewed, sold out shows), Nona Mona combines clowning, sketch stand-up comedy and a world where men are the hottest commodity in My First Pearl Necklace.


“The show is ludicrous and silly. It's a tossed salad of clown, stand up and idiocy,” she says. “Rather than drawing on personal and heartfelt experiences as I've done in my previous shows, I wanted to explore themes that affect us all on a larger scale: consumerism, power and hypocrisy. But I’ve made light of it in a silly and absurd way. I think we're all so overwhelmed with life, let's make fun of it and see why.”


My First Pearl Necklace is a risqué romp which follows heiress to a tissue fortune, Zsa Zsa Achoo, in her mission to farm agile men for their fluids in a not-too-distant dystopian future, where the mega rich rule with a perfectly manicured iron fist.


This hilarious and thought-provoking one-woman show is a captivating blend of satire, social commentary, and side-splitting humour! Think Black Mirror meets Monty Python or Kim Kardashian in Squid Game in this riotous mash up of stand up, clown, and sketch comedy. Laughter isn’t just the best medicine, it’s a revolutionary act!


Join RAW Comedy finalist, former stripper and current comical commentator on consumerism Nona Mona in her most ludicrous show yet and see why she’s one of the hottest acts in Adelaide.


Weekly Fringe Award Winner – Emerging Artist★★★★★ “A wit so sharp, it’s almost dangerous” UPSIDE ADELAIDE★★★★ "She has an X factor stage presence" THE ADELAIDE SHOW


Nona Mona: My First Pearl Necklace

Tue, 05 Mar - Sun, 17 MarPrompt Creative Centre



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