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unspoken poet speaks during SALA @ Prompt

Adelaide poet Indigo Eli is using visual poetry, or 'vispo', to present a thought provoking SALA exhibition this month.

Through ‘The Poetry of Object 0.2 ... object is a verb’, Eli is presenting conceptual work that explores ethics, rights, law and language, using art as a means of understanding and documenting history and experience.

With a keen sense of poetic connection, she has woven together text and found materials, and hand stitched, enfolded, and assembled object based works that resonate with silence and voice.

“For my first exhibition in a decade, I want to showcase poetry in a visual artform and collate works that I’ve produced as I’ve tried to unpack, understand and come to terms with complex issues or ideas,” she says.

With keen curiosity, Eli has approached .. swept out from under the carpet .. contemplated .. processed .. and poeticised some big topics.

"‘blanket silence’ crafts the secrecy provision of the Border Force Act into a ‘wearable document’, while, ‘Child Protection. Act.’, arrives with a report from the Royal Commission into Child Protection in South Australia; and ‘dust jacket’ stitches closed a book that contains a collection of the artist’s own unlicensed love poems. The tampon tax also doesn’t escape attention."

The Poetry of Object 0.2 object is a verb is online at from August 2023 as part of SALA Festival & National Poetry Month.

Individual works can be found at:

Pepper Street Arts Centre, Magill

‘Remake’ exhibition Part of Things, Barmara

‘Flower, Fruit, and Flood, My Dear’ exhibition Prompt Creative Centre, Adelaide

The Poetry of Object 0.2 marks the next big statement from Eli, claiming her skills and space within the worlds of poetry and of visual art.

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